Tournaments in 2017-2018

Local tournaments will be posted in August. Feel free to lobby now for your preferred dates.

Labor Day Big Sky State Games Clinic and Tournament in Missoula, sign up on

*9/15-16 Rain City RJCC Junior, Cadet

*10/6-7 Portland RJCC Junior, Cadet

*10/19-10/21 Denver SYC Y10, Y12, Y14 and non-qualifier Cadet

*12/1-2 Seattle RJCC Junior, Cadet

*12/8-9 San Diego SYC Y10, Y12, Y14

*2/2-3 Seattle RJCC Junior, Cadet

2/15-18 Junior Olympics, Denver, CO Junior and Cadet

*3/9-10 Portland Junior, Cadet

*4/13-14 Vancouver, WA RJCC Junior, Cadet

*4/26-28 Denver ROC Div IA, II

*5/3-6 Rain City SYC Y10, Y12, Y14

6/28-7/7 Summer Nationals and July Challenge Columbus, OH all age and classification groups

Register for local and regional tournaments and Competition Clinic on askfred.

*= a qualifier event    in italics=good for newer fencers   

Local Tournaments

We are in the Inland Empire Division. Once local event dates are finalized and posted, you can register and find results for any of these tournaments at askfred. This schedule is created in late August and events may be added at any point. We coordinate scheduling of events throughout the division and try to consider the timing of relevant regional and national events as well. Local level events outside our division that are close-ish are in Salt Lake area and Pocatello. These clubs often contribute the only available competition opportunities for Y8 fencers and for younger epee fencers.

ALL local tournaments are welcoming and relaxed events. New, recreational and competitive fencers are all made welcome.

Big Sky Cup, held generally in Bozeman will have 3-4 events. Missoula Youth Cup generally has a fall, two winter and a spring event. All are fun, no-pressure tournaments to learn more about yourself, your fencing, and competing in tournaments.

Inland Empire Divisionals is in Bozeman in spring 2019: Y14, Div II and III events to qualify for Nationals or just to have fun fencing fencers from all over the division.

Divisional qualifier for the Junior Olympics is generally held in Missoula in November or December.

Regional Tournaments

We are in region 1. Registration varies: either on askfred or Railstation. These events are designed to field a level of play between local and national events. They also serve as qualifiers for national level championships.

RYCs: Y10, Y12, Y14 to qualify for Nationals and for the March Y10 and Y12 NAC. Y12 and Y14 will need to qualify for nationals with points earned at an RYC or SYC. Here is the link explaining qualifying paths. Y10 simply needs to fence in one of them. Y12 and Y14 may need to go to two to qualify and you do need to fence in one before the registration deadline of the event for which you are qualifying. Therefore if you wish to consider traveling to the March NAC, take your young fencer to one of the Fall RYCs.

RJCCs: Cadet and Junior to qualify for JOs or July Challenge. RJCCs for our region are in Portland and Seattle You qualify based on your best two results or total number of regional points. As JOs will be in Denver in 2019, fencers ages 13-19 may wish to travel to several of the fall RJCCs to prepare.

ROCs: Specific to Div IA, II, or Vet, to qualify for national championship events. Unlike youth events, ROCs are not limited to our region. Some of these are specific to only one weapon.

National Level Tournaments

For the North American Cup 2018-2019 schedule and registration, see USFA. These are larger than the regional events with a higher/ more intense level of competition.

SYCs: another much bigger option for Y10, Y12, Y14 to qualify for National Championships. Bigger than RYCs, you aren't limited to ones just in our region. The closest this year are in CO, WA, and CA. If your fencer would like to be competitive at Nationals AND is in the older year of his/her age bracket, I would go to an SYC later in the season to jump into the deep end and learn how the kids from big fencing centers are fencing. You will likely be wowed but you will learn a lot and improve immensely as a fencer.

Most NACs are for Cadet and older age groups or Div III and above. There is however a NAC in March for Y10, Y12, Y14. You don't need to qualify in order to go to Y14 and older NACs, you do for Y10 and Y12.

Junior Olympics are the championship event for Cadet and Junior and will be held in Denver, CO in February 2019. Qualify at RJCCs, NACs or Divisionally.

Summer Nationals are the championship event for all except Cadet, Junior, and Division I. Cadet, Junior and Div I July Challenge Invitational events are held simultaneously as part of the qualifying path for JOs/Div I Championships the following year.

International level events

The USA fields teams in Cadet, Junior, Div I, and Vet. To qualify, you compete in the national level tournaments for points.