Membership Information 2018-2019

After completing a Beginner Class, you will be ready to join BFA as a Member. Select the membership level that is right for you. You may keep the same membership level for the entire season or change it month to month.

There is a 10% discount for multiple family members for regular and competition memberships or a 5% discount for paying for 3-9 months at a time. Only one discount can be applied per membership. No discounts for drop in fees or registration fees.

Current MSU students 10% discount on registration fee and monthly membership.


Annual Registration Fee

For all membership levels: a $65 annual registration fee is due at the start of the season (end of August or at the start of your beginner class). This includes:

  • US Fencing Association Membership- Non-Competitive Level. Required for all USA Fencing affiliated clubs

  • Use of club equipment

  • Armory training and use of armory tools

  • Eligibility to compete on a BFA team

  • Eligibility for membership discounts and need-based scholarships

  • Strip coaching at local events

  • Club insurance

  • MSU students 10% discount

Level I/ II Memberships

Standard: $85/month

  • Up to five age and skill appropriate Level I /II and/or Jedi classes per week (epee and/or foil)

  • Open bouting (for fencers ages 10 and older)

  • Weekly conditioning classes (for fencers ages 10-adult)

  • Depending on how many classes you attend, this membership level gives you highly discounted rates

  • $30 add-on option for one 30 minute private lesson/month

One Fencing class per week: $60/month

  • Pick your fencing class. This membership option is generally used only for Level I classes (epee or foil) and for Adult Classes. If you need to make-up a class for whatever reason, please pre-arrange. Make ups are generally completed within the same month. Some months are not 4 classes long, they will be pro-rated at $16/class.

  • Plus Open bouting (for fencers ages 10 and older)

  • Plus Conditioning Classes (for fencers ages 10-adult)

  • Current MSU students 10% discount

  • $30 add-on option for one 30 minute private lesson/month

The drop-in fee per class: $16

  • Annual registration fee still applies.

  • Out of town experienced fencers are welcome to drop in with prior arrangement. In this case, no registration or class fee is charged although a national USA Fencing membership is required.

Only Open Bouting Membership

  • Open Bouting

  • You are required to have your own gear

  • Floor fees are $40/month or $16 per session

  • Current MSU students 50% discount

  • For ages 15+ only or with special approval

  • $30 add-on option for one 30 minute private lesson/month

Jedi Memberships (ages 6-9)

  • For Jedi Saturday classes only

  • Cost for one month (4 weeks) is $55. Different length months are pro-rated.

  • No make-up classes

Competition Memberships

Competition membership options are for those who wish to train more intensively. For those who are already fencing 2+ hours a week and who wish more individualized coaching or who have aspirations of fencing regionally or nationally. Most competition members are ages 11-18 but younger fencers and adults are welcome. Please ask if you are interested. All fencers, no matter what level or membership status, are always welcome to compete in tournaments for fun.

Standard Competition Membership: $115/month

  • Any or all of the age and skill appropriate level I or II classes (1-5 per week)

  • Plus two weekly Competition Epee classes

  • Plus one 30 minute private lesson each month

  • Weekly conditioning classes

  • Open bouting

Leadership Training Program: $95/month

Training includes

  • Above listed standard competition membership benefits

  • Periodic seminars, clinics, and classes (First clinic: with Laurie Schiller Sept 2, 2018)

  • Training in armory

  • Training in teaching, reffing and strip coaching skills

Expectations include

  • Assisting in teaching at least one Level I or Beginner class a week.

  • Assisting with monthly club maintenance chores

  • Assisting in club weapon repair.

We are looking for fencers who

  • Role model and encourage respectful behavior

  • Role model good training practices

  • Work at becoming a good training partner and teacher for others, able to give and receive feedback

Please ask if you are interested.