Welcome to Bozeman Fencing Association, LLC

Rooted in the European middle ages, yet thriving in the 21st century, fencing is a life-long sport with opportunities for competition, fitness, fun and community at all ages. Fencing involves skills, strategy, and individual self-discipline as well as the support and encouragement of the group. Fencing teaches problem solving, honesty, fair play and resilience. It builds strength, flexibility and self-confidence. Thanks to well designed modern weapons and protective gear, it is also extremely safe with lower rates of injury than virtually any other team or individual sport.

The Olympic Sport of Fencing
Fencing is done on a strip 14 meters long and two meters wide (called a piste). It includes three different weapons: epee, foil, and saber. At BFA we specialize in epee. The epee is a 35 inch flexible triangular blade and points are scored by depressing a button on the tip of your epee on your opponent. Younger fencers use shorter and lighter blades.

All levels of fencers are welcome and encouraged. Some of our fencers fence recreationally for fun and fitness. Many of our fencers choose to compete in tournaments held in Bozeman and the surrounding regions in order to build their skills and experience and challenge themselves with other fencers from near and far. Some of our fencers train rigorously many hours a week and compete at the national level.

We support and encourage families fencing together, siblings as well as parents or grandparents with children.

Competition Program
As our fencers gain in skills, experience and maturity, they have the opportunity to become a part of the Competition Program. Competition classes will include more intensive footwork sessions and are structured primarily in a private lesson format so that each person can learn at their own speed with one on one attention. All fencers serve both as student and as teacher in this format. Our fencers develop teaching and leadership skills as they help to mentor and instruct each other and beginner and Level I fencers. Our fencers teach what they know so that we all rise together. Having our fencers simultaneously fence and teach helps us create a healthy learner environment where fencing skills are learned more quickly and with deeper understanding.

As fencers gain in skills, they will be offered more teaching opportunities. This summer Kai Cummings and Ian Chu are graduating into their new roles as Apprentice Coaches for the 2019-2020 season.

Our Story
Bozeman Fencing Association, LLC was established in 2014 by Mich Carey as a way to expand fencing opportunities in Bozeman. Mich actively competes at the local, regional and national level.

Visiting Fencers
Fencing guests from out of town are welcome. Please contact us for information first. A national fencing membership is required.

Atticus Cummings, Kai Cummings, Ian Chu, and Mich Carey


Michele Carey

Mich is Head Coach and teaches adult and kids' classes as well as private lessons.

In her other life, she is a licensed mental health counselor in private practice.


Atticus Cummings

Atty is Head Coach, teaching all levels of classes. He holds the US Fencing Coaches Association’s Moniteur de Floret.


Kai Cummings

Kai is an Apprentice Fencing Instructor for the Tuesday class. He teaches private lessons and assists with teaching all levels of classes. A student of history, he brings a historical perspective to his teaching of fencing. He holds the Fight Directors Canada’s Youth Certification.


Fencing teaches problem solving, honesty, fair play and resilience