Welcome to Bozeman Fencing Association, LLC

Rooted in the European middle ages, yet thriving in the 21st century, fencing is a life-long sport with opportunities for competition, fitness, fun and community at all ages. Fencing involves skills, strategy, and individual self-discipline as well as the support and encouragement of the group. Fencing teaches problem solving, honesty, fair play and resilience. It builds strength, flexibility and self-confidence. Thanks to well designed modern weapons and protective clothing, it is also extremely safe with lower rates of injury than most competitive team or individual sports.

At BFA, fencing is always done for fun and some of our fencers fence purely recreationally quite happily for years. Many of our fencers do choose to compete in tournaments in order to further hone their skills with other fencers from near and far. And some of our fencers train rigorously many hours a week. Tournaments are held throughout the year around Montana and the surrounding region giving fencers the chance to build their skills and experience, challenging themselves with a variety of opponents as they feel ready. The competitive fencing season runs from September through the end of June. All levels of fencers are welcome and encouraged at BFA.

The modern sport of fencing is done on a strip approximately 14 meters long and two meters wide. It includes three different weapons: epee, foil, and saber. We begin with the epee. The epee is a 35 inch flexible triangular blade and points are scored by touches of the tip of the blade. Younger fencers use shorter and lighter blades. We have Jedi and Beginner classes in epee, level I and II classes in epee and foil, and competition level classes in epee. In Montana, sabre is fenced only recreationally. We offer classes for all ages.

We believe that we all learn best what we are able to teach and that empathy and support are vital to the learning process. All fencers are trained in how to be good training partners. Our competition level fencers are further encouraged to develop their teaching and leadership skills and are expected to mentor and teach newer fencers as they are able.

Bozeman Fencing Association, LLC was established by Mich Carey as a way to introduce and expand fencing opportunities for young people and families in Bozeman. We support and encourage families fencing together, siblings as well as parents or grandparents with children.

Fencing guests from out of town are welcome. Please contact us for information first. A national fencing membership is required.

Instructors: Atticus Cummings, Kai Cummings, Mich Carey, and Graham Mills

Photos by Rab Cummings