Gah... I'm too busy to read all this, can I just talk to somebody?

Call Michele (Mich) directly at 406-570-9887 or email

Where are you located?

We are at 15 Tai Lane (downstairs) in Bozeman. 15 Tai Lane refers to the entire building. Turn off Lincoln at Granny's Doughnuts/The Wash House. It is the second (southern) commercial building in that parking lot. We are on the NE corner of that building, the opposite end from Spectators and around the corner from Arrow. Orangish door, blue sign on the door. Go downstairs.

What is the "season" for fencing?

The 2018-2019 season is August 21 - Summer Nationals at the end of June

What's the schedule during holidays and the summer?

Because class size often gets smaller in June after school is out, we may consolidate June classes. Because our foil instructor goes home at the end of the MSU spring semester, foil classes end for the season at the end of April.
There are NO regularly scheduled fencing classes during our Thanksgiving Break (November 21-26) or during our Winter Break
No regular classes March 18-22 for spring break, February 18 President's Day, or May 27 Memorial Day.
October 31 classes end at 5:15 - no evening classes on Halloween.
Summer Break: June 28-August 20 or so. It's time to go outside, cross-train, hike, bike, swim....

are the Age Ranges for classes flexible?

Our age ranges are guidelines. If you have questions about which class(es) are likely to be the best fit, feel free to ask.

do you have any discounts for multiple family members or paying for multiple months?

There is a 5% discount for multiple family members for regular and competition memberships or a 5% discount for paying for 3-9 months at a time. Only one discount can be applied per membership. No discounts for the once a week membership or drop in fees.

what should I wear and bring for a beginner Class?

Beginner students should wear socks, clean, non-marking athletic shoes, t-shirt, and pants that come below the knee and allow movement (jeans with some stretch or enough room to move in are ideal, no shorts) and bring a water bottle.

Beginner class fees include the loan of the basic equipment that you will need. Beginner kit includes: epee, mask, plastron, jacket, glove, and for children under 10 and women and girls over the age of 11 and older boys who wish it, also a plastic chest protector. It is important that your equipment fits well, so please measure carefully!

Jedi class fees include loan of a plastic epee with rubber tip, a mask and jacket.

How should I wash the equipment I am loaned?

You are responsible for the care of the equipment that is checked out to you on the first day of class. Please wash your whites as needed in cold water. Do not machine dry and do not bleach! All loaner equipment must be returned on your last day of classes. Epees, plastic epees, foils, and sabers are generally not checked out but rather are left in the salle.

How does the equipment thing work?

No equipment is needed for beginner classes. Upon completion of beginner classes, fencers will begin to purchase their own equipment. Fencers beyond the Jedi and Beginner class levels are expected to purchase their own jacket, glove, plastron, chest protector, knickers and mask. Those fencing more than once a week are expected to purchase their own epees (and/or foils) and body cords. If cost is an issue, we may have used equipment for sale, please ask. If the regular schedule of obtaining your own equipment causes an undue financial burden on your family, please let me know and we will work with you as best we can. If you are interested in selling or purchasing used but still good gear, please ask.

OK, It's time to buy our own equipment- What should I get?

Easiest Budget Model for beginner gear

  •  Starter Kit- + = $203 plus shipping
  • Read the sizing guidelines and do the measurements! Front zip jacket adds ease (+11.90)
  • Choose AF Vis grip (orthopedic style, check size first) or French grip (the straight style)
  • Upgrade to electric (+12.00)
  • For ages 10 and under - upgrade to Size 2 Wired Epee
  • For all other students - upgrade to Size 5 Wired Epee
  • Select pants (29.75)
  • Request a German point upgrade ($7 add-on) for ease of repair later - request in the notes at the end of ordering
  • Select chest protector if you have been using one ($22.95)

Recommended Beginner Gear Rated to 350 N

  • $278+ add-ons and shipping
  • Read the sizing guidelines and do the measurements!
  • Choose AF Vis grip (orthopedic style, check size first) or French grip (the straight style)
  • For ages 10 and under - upgrade to Size 2 Wired Epee
  • For all other students - upgrade to Size 5 Wired Epee
  • Select German point upgrade ($7 add-on)
  • Request a switch from AF body cord to Uhlmann or Allstar body cord
  • Select chest protector if you have been using one ($22.95)

Thanks to the armory efforts of Rab, Atty and Kai, we are currently able to loan some electric equipment for your first few tournaments. Even once you have your own electric epee, you will still need a spare for a tournament. Your registration fees contribute to these efforts.

What is a USFA Membership and why do i need one?

A 2018-2019 non-competitive USFA (United States Fencing Association) membership is included in registration fees and is required for all fencers in the United States. It provides insurance for all USA Fencing sanctioned classes and other activities. As you become more experienced, you will wish to upgrade to a USFA competitive membership to compete in sanctioned tournaments, fence in national level events and earn ratings.


Coming from out of town? We welcome visiting fencers. Contact us before your arrival to arrange. USFA membership is required. Registration fee is not required.

Using our equipment for a drop-in is $15 per class if it is available and must be pre-arranged.

Refund Policy

If you withdraw from a class or camp up to one month prior to start date, there is a full refund. From one month through the day before the class or camp a 90% refund. On the first day of class/camp there is a 30% refund. There is no refund thereafter. There is no refund of registration fees.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are included monthly with the competition classes and are a critical component to building your fencing skills.
Additional private lessons can be scheduled with a coach to augment your training if you wish to take your fencing to the next level more quickly and if there is room in the lesson schedule. Please arrange with Mich and see monthly sign-up sheet
The cost for a private lesson is $30/ half hour.
The cost for a new beginner private lesson is $20 plus $65 annual registration fee for the first lesson which includes the cost of your glove.

We're homeschoolers- do you have a class for us?

Fencing is a great addition to homeschooling and can meet your physical education needs in a fun way. Homeschool classes are available during the typical school day by request for a minimum of 6 kids and/or parents for ages 6 and up. Cost is dependent on the size and length of class, number of sessions, and whether we are providing equipment. We encourage a minimum of 4-6 classes for beginners. Many homeschoolers have also joined our after school classes.