New to fencing? We provide all instruction and equipment needed to get you safely started fencing. No experience needed. All classes held at 15 Tai Lane in Bozeman.

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Beginner Youth Epee (Ages 8-17):

Register for a 6 week session

Monday Winter Session ages 8-17 start January 28-March 4, 4:15-5:15 (no class President’s Day!)

Monday January 21 PIR Day 2:30-3:30 Try Out Fencing Day for ages 6-17, free, pre-registration required

Saturday Winter Session ages 8-17 February 9 - March 16, 11:00 AM- 12:00 includes free trial of level I classes week of March 11

We will introduce you to the equipment, skills and strategy of Olympic style fencing. The emphasis is on basic skill building, fitness, fun, strategy and good sportsmanship. No experience is necessary. Fencers learn the basics in this class to prepare them for level I classes.

  • Cost for 6 weeks is $95

  • Required Annual Registration Fee

  • Loan of all necessary equipment + free glove

  • Pre-registration is required

  • Includes free trial of a level I classes

  • Last week of classes joins one or both of the level I classes Mondays at 4:15 and/or Tuesdays at 4:15 or 5:15 depending on age of your fencer

Adult Beginners (ages 16+):

Saturday January 12 10:00-1:00

No experience needed. This is a 3 hour - all in one day beginner class. This class blends instruction and a chance to try out what you're learning. At the end of the class, you will have learned the basics and be prepared to join the Adult Epee I classes.

  • All equipment and instruction is provided.

  • Includes trial of 3 Tuesday evening Adult Epee classes (January 15-29)

  • 13-15 year olds may join adult class when fencing with an adult family member (please inquire)

  • $55

  • Required Annual Registration Fee

Jedi Fencers (Ages 6-9):

An introduction to all things fencing for ages 6-9 focused on fun, footwork, coordination, flexibility, strength, games, decision-making, development of strategic thinking. We will use extra-light equipment and methodology especially suited to this age group. No experience is necessary. Young fencers continue in the Jedi class until they are prepared to join either a beginner class or obtain a Level I/II membership with the older kids (usually between the ages of 8 and 9 and after 3-24 months of fencing).

Jedi Classes   Saturdays 10:00-10:45 Winter Classes Start January 12

  • Cost for one 4 week month is $55. Different length months are pro-rated.

  • Required Annual Registration Fee

  • Loan of all necessary equipment

  • No make-up classes

Fencing At School (Grades Pre-K-8):

Fencing At School introduces students to the historic traditions and sport of fencing by teaching timeless lessons of determination, self-assessment, integrity, fitness, and strategy for the modern era. Fencing related games and activities are integrated into the program to develop fencing skills including coordination, strength and decision-making.

  • Classes are safe, fun, and designed for the ages of your students

  • No previous experience is needed and all equipment is provided

  • BFA contracts directly with the school. Fees are based on the number of students and the duration of the program.

Private Beginner Lessons

An alternate route to starting fencing is to take a series of Private or Semi-private beginner lessons.

  • Cost is $20/ half hour lesson

  • Required Annual Registration Fee

Annual Registration Fee

The $65 annual registration fee includes

  • USA Fencing Association Membership- Non-Competitive Level. Required for all USA Fencing affiliated clubs

  • Use of club equipment

  • Armory training and use of armory tools

  • Eligibility to compete on a BFA team

  • Eligibility for membership discounts and need-based scholarships

  • Strip coaching at local events

  • USFA club insurance

Basic Equipment

Youth beginner class fees include the purchase of a glove and the loan of all other basic equipment that you will need. Jedi and adult beginner class fees include the loan of necessary equipment. (All epees and foils are loaned during class-time only.) You are responsible for the care of the equipment that is checked out to you on the first day of class. Please wash your whites as needed in cold water. Do not machine dry and do not bleach! All borrowed equipment must be returned on your last day of classes. If you are not currently registered for classes but still have equipment checked out to you, you will be billed $15/ month.

Refund Policy

If you withdraw from a class or camp up to one month prior to start date, there is a full refund. From one month through the day before the class or camp a 90% refund. On the first day of class/camp there is a 30% refund. There is no refund thereafter. There is no refund of registration fees.