For June Classes: Go to Level I/II/Competition Classes

    After school gets out, we hold fencing classes Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday through the month of June and the start of summer nationals.

    July Summer Nationals

    Congratulations and good luck to Kate, John, Sam, Atty, Kai, and Mich

    Summer Fencing Immersion

    August 21-23 Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday  To REgister

    Jedi Fencer Immersion  10:00-11:00

    For ages 6-9 An introduction to all things fencing: fencing fun, footwork, coordination, flexibility, strength, games, decision-making, development of strategic thinking. We will use light equipment and methodology especially suited to this age group. No experience is necessary. Young fencers continue in the Jedi class until they are prepared to join the level I/II classes with the older kids (usually between the ages of 8 and 9 and after 3-12 months of fencing). $50.

    Beginner Immersion  10:00-12:00

    For ages 9-15, no experience is necessary. Have fun learning the basics of fencing epee as you develop your footwork, bladework and strategy. Fee includes the purchase of your own glove. $90

    Multi-Weapon Extravaganza 1:30-3:00

    For level I, II and competition level fencers ages 8-17. Have fun tuning up your fencing skills after a summer off. We will spend time with epee, foil, and saber. $50

    Stage Combat 3:15-4:15

    For ages 8-15. For fencers and non-fencers alike. Get introduced to stage combat skills and safety and choreograph a stage fight scene. $45


    Basic Equipment

    Jedi Immersion fees include the loan of the basic equipment that you will need.

    Beginner Immersion fees include the loan of the basic equipment that you will need and the purchase of your own fencing glove.

    Level I fencer fees include the loan of a jacket, mask and chest protector. You are expected to own your own plastron and glove.

    Level II fencers are expected to own their own mask, jacket, knickers, plastron, glove, and chest protector.

    You are responsible for the care of the equipment that is checked out to you on the first day of class. Please wash your whites as needed in cold water. Do not machine dry and do not bleach! All BFA equipment must be returned on your last day of camp or classes.If you are not currently registered for classes but still have equipment checked out to you, you will be billed $15/ month.

    Refund Policy

    If you withdraw from a class or camp up to one month prior to start date, there is a full refund. From one month through the day before the class or camp a 90% refund. On the first day of class/camp there is a 30% refund. There is no refund thereafter.